Monday, May 31, 2010

Jesus gave the parable of the laborers in the vineyard,

I was thinking about the parable Jesus gave of the laborers in the vineyard, Matt. 20: 1-16. Those who were hired in the 11th hour received the same wage as those who worked all 12. I have always interpreted this parable to mean those who find the gospel in there old age received the same blessings as those who embraced it in their youth. Those who embrace the gospel in their old age do not have to endure as long to reach the end. We all must endure to the end. Is it fair that those who have endured so long received the same rewards as those who do not. Is it hard to endure? Some days it is very hard. Other days pretty easy.

But in reality those who embrace the gospel in their youth receive countless blessing the others do not. So there are rewards. The gospel gives guidance to your life that brings happiness. Guidance to miss many of the pitfalls of live. I have missed lots of heartaches, bad decisions, guilt, and disappointment. Obeying gospel commandments has given me direction on how to live. I am so grateful for the peace I have in live.

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